Monday 9 May 2016

4 years later.....The Comeback !

Not sure about the "better than ever" part, but hey ..gotta be optimistic,
  Think it.Feel it. Be it. =)
So why I dozed off... hmmm I can't really recall.
Why I am back? well I've been having loads of negative thoughts lately, and they have been escalating at an alarming rate ...and one of the many ways to have positive thoughts is none other than... BLOGGING ^_^

Decided to start off with a little project, "Each day make something good for someone"
It will be part of Pictures In Words with the hashtag #MakeEmHappy

Monday 29 August 2011

Eid Gifts !!

This year, I have decided to go green in gift wrapping. From one side, I get to spread the 'Recycle ,Reuse & Reduce ' concept around, from another side.. I can personalize the gifts even more according to whom it's intended to :)
I put the gifts in boxes to make them as uniform as possible, then I covered them with plain white paper to provide the platform for thee ART ATTACK !!
1. Basicly hand drawing, only matrial used is some sharpner leftovers.
There is a bee shaped pencil-figure along with the gift, so that inspired the theme.

2.Here , I used some old bottons, a piece of green -from our plant- and some candy as a bonus :)
3.In this one, there is a piece of cloth 'the sail', some candy 'the sun' and sand for the shore.

4.Finally , this is like a snap shot from my little brother's room. I got the hairdresser with a piece of CD for the mirror and the rest is simple hand drawing. Also there is a figure pencil along with the gift, that has a little boy on it, so I drew him as if it is "him in his room".

Happy Eid to you All =)

Sunday 12 June 2011

You're my Alien fellow

Unique ppl, whom we share with mutual understanding are very rare!! I'm the Kind of person who likes things.. not Normal. So when I meet someone who's more in contact with their Alien side, I get thrilld, & we tend to have a lot in common.
We might not be friends, well in most of the cases we aren't , but we're collegues or we just met at some volunteer project or a work shop, so we tend to bond 'during the event'. But after that, it kinda gradually ...fades away.
I admit it, I suck at keeping in touch, I hate talking on the phone , I don't like social media that much, so.. yeah it's probably my fault. BUT, if the other person kept trying to hold on, I'm definetly gonna work away out, not just leave them try to save the whole ship on their own... I care alot , but I can't do it on my own.
Maybe it's because of the "oh so many times" that I DID, trying to keep my grip & keep the ship steady, with no help from the other side, so it was always bound to drown or just get hit in the tamest of storms...
Now that's a very bad thing, cuz I was just remembering all those awesome ppl I got to know, but how many are still in contact !!? :S Made me feel so sad. Still, I don't know what I can do abt it, ..... try pushing that ship on my own ?

Funny, the reason I wrote this.. I recently met some one, "from that Alien ship", & they turned out to be friends with another Alien, whom I met 3 years ago.. I thought, I really missed that person & wondered how he was doing.. so I just wrote him , & then I came & wrote this =)

Sunday 15 May 2011

Feast of Fish!

True Alexandria is known for it's wide variety of fish.. but in all my years of living here, this was my first time to have such a feast. I'm not expert when it comes tofish names & types, so I can't even translate that this one is called " Singari". With shrimps :) & calimari on the 4 sides. Now, the long things on top of is, I don't know, & I couldn't even try tasting :S

It was HUGE :D

Monday 18 April 2011

Msg on a wall!

They didn't even exchange numbers ?! But then again maybe he/she thought it'd be more romantic this way... Vandalism :(

Thursday 17 March 2011

Memorable Protest Signs

Egyptians' sense of humour rises above all. Even at hard times, & something big as a Revolution, this is what brings them through, this is what makes them unique :D

"My new address, Tahrir Square"

"Egypt, We're your children" "Thank you Mubarak, you brought us together. Now, leave!"
"Leave already, my arms hurt ."

"Leave, I wanna get married"

Protesting on cutting off the internet !!

And from San Francicso

"The only one who followed the curfew is Mubarak"

Washington DC

San Francisco

Toronto agian
And again..., Toronto
And again. :)
and again... NYC


Back to Tahrir Square

-My favourite :D -

" Down with Mubarak"
"Leave, I miss my Dad"

" You'll leave & that's that, so make it quick so I can get a haircut"
"Leave, I miss my wife ... Married for 20 days"

Thursday 10 March 2011

Timeline of the Revolution

Click for a larger view.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Glimpses of the Revolt

For the first time in a very long while, the Egyptian flag is raised for its true purpose, - & not mere football games' cheering- " Which BTW,I was totally against"

Freedom & Prosperity of the Land.

The ugly face of the regime has been finally exposed to the entire world, suppressing the protesters with everything they could,

Tear Gas

Water " even while peacfully praying"

Rubber bullets and live ones

And one must mention here, that the tear gas was "expired"!!

It was a simaltaneous attack all over the country.



This is a statue of Alexander the Great,
behind him, now that was smoke!! Huge fires were set off to keep protesters at bay.

In Tahrir Square,a mosque has been turned into a field hospital.

Police forces were actually stunned, for it was the first time in 20 years or more that protesters has gone rebellious and didn't just give up & go home,
for 4 consecutive days. (Tues 25th- Fri 28t)
By which then the Police has myseriously "disappeared", from all the governorates, and those uniforms weren't seen on the streets even till the moment I'm typing this.
A few has been down to some traffic areas, but Egypt still has some serious internal security issues.

On the night of Fri the 28th, Day of Rage,
major govermental buildings were set on fire by thugs ..that were later on found to be belonging to the ruling party who were trying to terrorise the citezens in a sick way to let them feel how safe they felt just 5 days ago before the people has gone rebellious, -or rather have finally woken up in my opinion-.
Just to prove how sick this scheme was, they have even set out prisoners and opened the gun storage for them & told them " Spread out & go Wild "!!
"Cairo on fire"
But as I said, People have finally woken up... try as they may,
there was no turning back.

the revolution has been ignited.....
Hint: Most of the Revoluton pics are not my personal, .