Thursday, 17 March 2011

Memorable Protest Signs

Egyptians' sense of humour rises above all. Even at hard times, & something big as a Revolution, this is what brings them through, this is what makes them unique :D

"My new address, Tahrir Square"

"Egypt, We're your children" "Thank you Mubarak, you brought us together. Now, leave!"
"Leave already, my arms hurt ."

"Leave, I wanna get married"

Protesting on cutting off the internet !!

And from San Francicso

"The only one who followed the curfew is Mubarak"

Washington DC

San Francisco

Toronto agian
And again..., Toronto
And again. :)
and again... NYC


Back to Tahrir Square

-My favourite :D -

" Down with Mubarak"
"Leave, I miss my Dad"

" You'll leave & that's that, so make it quick so I can get a haircut"
"Leave, I miss my wife ... Married for 20 days"

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